Our wealth of experience in the automotive and industrial machine shop industry gives us the scope to undertake a wide range of skills.


Waterjet Cutting

Our Waterjet quickly cuts metal and other non-ferrous materials from sheet materials using a combination of high-pressure water and abrasive (sand) to make parts. This is a cold cutting process that imparts no heat, distortion, or stress onto the material. We can cut materials ranging from 0.002 inch to 6.0 inch in thickness.

Cold Pipe Cutting

A safe method for pipe cutting without using heat or other thermal applications.

CNC Turning

A machining method involving high speed spinning of material and the shaving away of material with a cutting tool.

  • Vertical Turning & Boring: Max. Swing-120”, Max Height-90”
  • Horizontal Turning: Max Swing- 43”, with length- 360”
  • CNC Turning: Max Swing- 22”, Max Length- 118”

CNC Milling

A machining process for the production of customized parts and products using computerized controls and rotating multi-point cutting tools

  • Milling & Horizontal Boring
  • In-Situ Milling
  • CNC Milling-X-axis:60” Y-axis: 24” Z-axis: 21”


A machining process using a powered abrasive method to achieve fine finish tolerances and surface finishes.

  • Cylindrical Grinding: Max. Diameter- 20”, Max. Length- 70”
  • Surface Grinding: Max 12” X 24”


An abrasive machining process primarily used to improve the geometric shape or the appearance of a surface.

Boring (Line & Jig)

The process of enlarging a previously established hole to achieve more accuracy of the diameter.

Dynamic Balancing

The process of balancing rotating parts by measuring the imbalance and correcting it by adding or subcontracting weight until vibration is reduced or eliminated.

  • Max Diameter : 60″
  • Max Weight : 3 tonnes

Flange Facing

Resurfacing of flanges by machining work to achieve a perfect seal when assembled.


The preparation of pipe or plate ends for welding.


A machining process using a saw blade for cut-off operations.

Gear Manufacturing

Making of gears though a variety of processes, and machining to achieve desired dimensions, shape and surface finish.

  • Gear Shaping: Max. Diameter- 36”, Max. Face width- 6”
  • Gear Hobbing: Max. Diameter- 16”, Max. Face width- 36”

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